About Meshek Achiyah

Meshek Achiyah (“Achiyah Farm”), an agricultural company that cultivates olive groves and vineyards, runs an olive press and markets quality olive oil and wine all over Israel, was founded more than twenty-years ago

With Jewish labor and true Zionistic ideals, we lovingly cultivate thousands of olive trees and hundreds of acres of wine producing vineyards.

2000 species of olives are being raised in Our olive groves that are spread out over a vast area of 350 dunams in the Shiloh area.

עצי זית In our olive press we produce especially high-quality olive oil, achieved through strict control over all stages of the process, beginning with cultivating the olives and following through with producing the oil and up to bottling and distribution.

we make sure that a minimum of time passes between the olive harvest and the bottling.

The whole process is automatically activated in order to prevent a human touch which will reduce the oil’s quality.

Our olive oil is produced from excellent olives in a cold-press process that preserves the natural qualities of the oil. In international competitions our olive oil has been claimed the best Israeli olive oil year after year.

Our customers range widely from luxury hotels, restaurants and coffee houses, leading chefs, culminating with private consumers throughout the country. Their common denominator is their unwillingness to compromise on best quality oil.

How to choose an Olive Oil?

The main parameters are of course, smell and taste. Many people mistake to think that green dense oil represents high quality, but it’s a mistake, and there is no connection between the color and the quality. Regarding the taste, there are three main kinds:

Green – carries bitter and hot tastes.
Ripe – less hot and fruitier like.
Black – almost no bitterness or hotness, on the contrary it’s a little bite sweet

How is the Quality of the olive determined?

The quality of the oil is determined by a set value of chemicals which defined the acidity level and other criteria of the oil.
Extra Virgin – extra high-quality oil, up to 0.8% acidity level.
Virgin – up to 2% acidity level
Refined Oil – with more than 2% acidity level – not recommended for cooking, used for light.

The main olives’ varieties that “Meshek Achiya” use to make their oil

Barnea – fruity aroma, tending to be hot with emphasized bitterness. An original Israeli species, tall trees. The olives are suitable for eating and making oil.

Fishulin – hot, bitter and fruitful. Originally from France, excellent oil with a high percentage of oleic acid.

Arbakina – Spanish species, considered to be gentle and special. With extra fruitful aroma, not too heavy or oily, not bitter.

Koronieki – originally from Greece, with a high level of polyphenol and oleic acid.

Lacino – gentle, fresh and sweet, with no bitterness or hotness. Originally from Italy.

Syrian – originally from Lebanon, most popular in Israel. Rich with oleic acid.

Pakuel – fruity, bitter and hot. Spanish species.